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Snowmobile and Chainsaw Museum in Kemijärvi
Address: Inquiries: Open:
Varastotie 11
FI-98100 Kemijärvi

Tel. +358(0)40 590 2704 or
+358(0)40 547 5795 
or + 358(0)40 232 512

Only by prior arrangement.

Entrance fees:  
Ticket 6 € /person. Familyticket 10 €. Groupticket 60 € (groupsize 40-50 persons).

The Museum’s collection consists of over 100 snowmobiles mainly from the 60s and 70s and nearly 500 chainsaws. 

The exhibition includes a Ski-Doo from 1961, the first factory-made snowmobile brought to Finland. The history of snowmobiles dates back to the United States of the 1920s. At the same time, "ummenajokka", a vehicle suitable for motoring in snow, was being developed in Finland. The more extensive production of snowmobiles started in the 1960s. The snowmobile museum is owned by the local motoring association, Kemijärven Moottorikerho ry.

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